About Us

Kamlesh Vakharia

Mr. Kamlesh Vakharia

Director of Eshaaweaves Pvt. Ltd

Mr.Kamlesh Vakharia is the director of Eshaa Weaves Pvt.Ltd.with the experience of more than 25 years in the indian textile industry.He has the courage of conviction to experiment with something new everytime.He has a burning desire to always evolve & grow.His basic philosophy'' Vision Is The Key " is based on his belief that without vision there can be no mission & no agenda to road map the future.His main thrust is on product quality & value added products.

Manisha Vakharia

Ms. Manisha Vakharia

Ms. Manisha Vakharia is the director of Eshaa Weaves Pvt.Ltd.who has always expressed her desires in terms of SMART goals:

  • S ( specific & simply stated )
  • M ( measurable & meaningful )
  • A ( achievable )
  • R ( realistic & responsible )
  • T ( timed { have a specific date in mind } & focused towards what u want

To Be Successful In Life,You Need To Know What You Want & Have a Passion For Achieving It.